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App Store Angst

I had a few days off recently and went to Cornwall where it rained solidly for two days. Apart from the bad weather I was without a signal on my iPhone for pretty much the entire time. With any other phone this kind of impediment would have just meant the inability to recieve and make phone calls, something which, on holiday, would have been a blessing. But, on this occassion it also meant that I had no way of getting online to do all those things I’d taken for granted before.

One of the big things I missed was downloading and trying out free apps on the iPhone. Its gotten to the stage where its becoming an addiction. If I were wealthier I would no doubt be downloading everything, but as it is, I’m fine downloading the free Apps.

So, as I was saying I was without the ability to get more apps on my phone and it served the purpose of highlighting to me how quickly I had become bored of some of the other apps. Admittedly they are mostly free ones but with the promise of newer, better free apps out there I have to say that I have become rather spoiled.

A few weeks ago I’d have killed for a single app on my iPhone and now, with hundreds to choose from I’m like a little brat, always after more, more, more. I need to take stock and think about how lucky I am to even have the ones I’ve got.

The iPhone is an amazing bit of technology and I should probably treat it with more respect, that said it’s just stopped syncing, a quick look at the App Store wont hurt…

There is a great comic on that I’ve put down here that sums up what a lot of iPhone owners must be going through…