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App Roundup – updates to some of our favourites

Microsoft Office for iOS, Clear for Mac, Angry Birds Star Wars and Xbox Smartglass: rumours, releases and updates

The last 24 hours have seen a few big updates and releases, as well as some very interesting news about a certain Microsoft Office app on iOS. We’ve put together a roundup of some of the biggest and best releases for you to check out…

Clear for Mac | £4.99/$6.99 (on sale today)

We’ve been fans of clear on the iPhone since it’s launch; the incredibly simple interface mixed with the power of fast and easy-to-understand reminders made it incredibly useful. Now Clear has been rewritten and updated for your Mac, allowing you to stay up to date with your latest tasks on all your devices. The new app supports iCloud, so reminders are updated immediately after you add them, and the app maintains it’s simple and intuitive design. It’s currently on sale, but after today it will be £10.49/$14.99, which is much more expensive than we would like. However, if you love the iPhone version you’ll love the Mac app too, so you should grab it today while it’s cheap.

Angry Birds Star Wars | £0.69/$0.99

The Angry Birds franchise rolls on, only this time it’s gobbled up another huge franchise along the way. The rights to Star Wars may now be owned by Disney, but Rovio got in there first and have released a special edition of their astonishingly popular title. The birds grab lightsabers, dress up in ridiculous clothes and take to a galaxy far, far away to wreak havok on the Empire’s evil Pigtroopers. The game manages to preserve the charm of Angry Birds and Star Wars, and while some die-hard fans will feel that this is, perhaps, one partnership too far, most will enjoy seeing their favourite characters depicted as birds flying across the sky.

Xbox Smartglass | Free

Following shortly after rumours that Microsoft is developing it’s own 7-inch gaming tablet to compete with the iPad mini, we have had a play around with the new Xbox Smartglass app. Available for both iPhone and iPad, the app allows you to control your console with the touch-screen. You can do everything from flicking through menus to actually playing games by tapping the screen. If you’re a Xbox Live Gold member you can even use Internet Explorer on your TV through the app.

Rumour: Office for iOS

The Verge reported yesterday that Microsoft Office 2013 will be coming to iOS devices early in the new year. Little is known about the app, with some leaked screenshots and a vague release date of late February or early March, but this is just the latest of a number of leaks suggesting we’ll be seeing an official Office suite on the iPad and iPhone soon. We’ll be reporting on this more as information is revealed, so stay tuned.