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App review: Wild West Pinball

Developer: OOO Gameprom
Category: Games
Price: £0.59

We’ve got to start this review with a warning. This game is addictive, so you may find yourself sneaking pinball breaks whenever you can.

Some pinball games can be frustrating to play on the iPhone. By displaying the whole table they make the ball difficult to see, making it harder to get involved in the game.

Wild West Pinball 2.0 lets you view the entire table or pinch to zoom in on the action using Live Camera mode. In this mode the camera follows the ball in close-up, but it also automatically zooms out when you need to see more of the table.  The physics of the game is spot on – the ball moves at a realistic speed and the force of gravity is present and correct.

The gameplay is great. In keeping with the Wild West theme you can use the ball to unlock a safe, rob a bank, empty a mine of all its gold and even take out an opponent in a gunfight. All these activities send your score rocketing into the millions.  Worth every penny!

Longevity: 9
Fun Factor: 9
Practicality: 9
Value for Money: 10
Kung Fu verdict: 9.5