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App Review – Red Laser

Developer: Occipital

Category: Utilities

Price: £1.19

Ever fancied working at Tesco? Well, with Red Laser you can be scanning items as if they are flying off the conveyor belt. This ingenious app allows the iPhone to read barcodes and as soon as you discover this top little program, you will immediately search your house for something to scan. And that is when the magic happens.Not only does Red Laser work out the product of the item you have scanned, it also tells you where you can buy it from. It throws up a list of prices, allowing you to compare costs. It’s brilliant if you’re in an electrical store and have access to a boxed product – one scan later and you can be ready to haggle or, at the very least, vote with your feet and buy elsewhere if you find a cheaper price.The app scours the Google Product Search and Amazon and, if you can’t get the phone to recognise a product, you can tap in the UPC or EAN code beneath the barcode manually. It’s such a simple product to use – you simply align the barcode edges with the on-screen arrows and it automatically detects and takes a snap of it. Within seconds, depending on your connection of course, it will give you the results. And your jaw will drop. There are doubtless many other uses for this technology and the makers have kindly allowed developers access to the code so that it can be incorporated into other apps. It’s yet another reason to have an iPhone.

Longevity: 9.0
Fun factor: 7.0
Practicality: 8.0
Value For Money: 8.5

Kung Fu Verdict: 8.1