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App Review: Pocket God

picture-21Developer: Bolt Creative
Category: Entertainment
Price: £0.59

On the surface this application doesn’t offer much, but we guarantee that after a few minutes of play you’ll be hooked. The premise is simple: you control a small island complete with coconut tree, boulder and nearby volcano, as well as a selection of natives. You’re free to look after the little guys, but there’s way more fun to be had pushing them around a bit. There’s no greater satisfaction on the iPhone at present than flicking a native into the sea (especially if you aim for the volcano), and there’s a certain guilty pleasure to be had when you drop boulders on them, feed them to sharks or zap them with lightning. It’s like The Sims – gone bad. The graphics are cartoon-esque and the sounds are cute, with the ability to change time of day with a simple swipe over the sun or moon. Change the weather by dragging clouds around and create a bit of natural disaster by shaking your phone.

pocket-god-21The guys at Bolt Creative have taken the wise step to launch the app and continue to update it with new features periodically rather than lumping everything into the first release. It’s an exciting moment when you see a Pocket God update is available and the result is always additional fun. In recent weeks we’ve seen the inclusion of dancing natives, vampire bats and even hurricanes. The little bubble of Pocket God is stupidly addictive even though there’s no real goal or end point, the fun is had through asking “What if?”. You can easily lose ten minutes fiddling around with Pocket God, trying new ways to maim the island’s inhabitants or just watch the little guys getting on with their day. Now hitting the upper reaches of the App Store charts, Pocket God might just be the most fun you can have on your iPhone.

Longevity: 8.6

Fun Factor: 9.2

Practicality: 6.5

Value For Money: 8.5

Kung Fu Verdict: 8.5