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App Review – Let’s Golf

Screen shot 2009-09-16 at 12.47.27Developer: Gameloft
Category: Games
Price: £1.19

The best games are always the ones that come out of left field. You have a preconceived idea of how they will be and then they completely blow you away out of nowhere. That’s what happened with Let’s Golf. It looks like a teeny-bopper golf game with cutesy characters and slick graphics – Tiger Woods, it ain’t, although it never professes to be. And we would rather control fun-looking characters than blocky unrealistic interpretations of world-famous golfers anyway. For the first ten minutes or so of play, we were left unimpressed. And then, persevering, we started to get a little better at hitting the right marks on the golf swing. Next on our course (pardon the pun) to enlightenment, we started to factor in the wind and paid that little bit more attention to the positioning of each shot; lo and be- hold, it we were on a death race to complete each course at each level before we knew it. And because Let’s Golf is such a good game, we are still trying to attain top status, proving its longevity. Each of the characters has their own attributes, and as you complete competitions you can pick up items that enhance different elements of your game. The courses get harder and harder as you go on, and each different level setting means that you need to fine-tune your technique. There is a multiplayer option where you can play over Wi-Fi, which is also pretty epic – when you Screen shot 2009-09-16 at 12.49.27understand the fun that you can have on your own on this game, imagine transferring that to playing against your mates, rivalling them for the position of top dog. There are quick-play options built into the game, which are great if you want to get going pretty rapidly, but because the game is so expansive there is a bit of load time anyway, you might as well just pick up where you left off in the last tournament you were playing. There is, however, despite all the positive talk, a huge downside to this game. The in-game music is enough to make you want to pull your own ears off – and sadly there’s no iPod option as of yet (we are praying for it to arrive in an update). It’s almost as though the developer Gameloft knew exactly what it was on to, and couldn’t bring itself to create the perfect app for fear of the expectation on its next app weighing it down. In conclusion, you really cannot fault the gameplay in Let’s Golf. After those initial ten minutes and with a bit of effort, you will find it absorbing and challenging, fun and frustrating, all at the same time. This is a truly wonderful app and a great example of how the App Store has lots to offer.

Longevity: 9.0
Fun Factor: 10.0
Practicality: 4.0
Value For Money: 10

Kung Fu Verdict: 9.5