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App Review – Flight Control

FlightControlDeveloper: Firemint
Category: Games
Price: – £0.59

You can tell when an app has got the world’s attention because all of a sudden a ton of very similar apps appear to try to take a cut of its profits. That’s exactly what happened with Flight Control and though the developers were probably a little annoyed at the copycats they should just be flattered. In Flight Control you take charge of an airstrip and have to land the planes that come your way by dragging a line from them onto the runway. By default there are four aircraft types; small jets, fast jets, light aircraft and helicopters. Each type of flying machine has its own runway designated by colour and each moves at a different speed.

As more and more planes arrive on the screen you have to  make more elaborate flight paths for aircraft to fly in order to avoid crashes and ensure that the slow movers make way for the speedier jets. The more planes you land the better.

A recent update has seen new airstrips and craft and even an aircraft carrier level for you to test your air traffic control skills on.

This game is brilliantly simple, addictive, frustrating and rewarding. There is a multiplayer option but it doesn’t quite match the frantic excitement of beating your high score in the single player game which can be uploaded to share with others. Scores are shown for your local area which serves to let you know how well you’re doing by comparison to your neighbourhood and also let them know how much time you’re wasting landing virtual airliners.

The attractive design and simplicity of Flight Control is worth more than the meagre 59p asking price and makes it easy to understand why this app has dominated the App Store charts.

No iPhone should be without this superb bundle of portable fun.

Longevity: 9.0
Fun Factor:  9.0
Practicality:  5.0
Value: 9.0

Kung Fu Verdict: 9.0