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App of the week: Poynt review

An app to help Poynt you in the right direction. Here's our full review.

In many ways, Poynt is similar to a glorified business directory. It offers its users directions and contact details for a variety of different services free of charge. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant, business or event, Poynt has you covered. For it to work, Poynt requires access to your GPS location, and from there it can recommend places to you based on your proximity to them.

Once you’ve found a suitable establishment, Poynt lists the contact details and gives you directions to it. Although in theory this is a great idea, some of the details given when we looked at various places were incorrect and misleading.

The level of detail Poynt goes in to, to help you find what you’re looking for is by far its best feature. You can search for a restaurant by the type of cuisine on offer, search for a cinema by the films they’re currently showing, and even do a voice search for a particular business. The voice search was a little off at times, but that could be a problem with the microphone in our device, rather than the app itself.

Poynt’s design is also another strong point, and something that similar apps should take note off. There are minimal menus and everything is laid out and named so you won’t have trouble finding your way around. Once you’ve sourced what you’re looking for, the app uses to a tab system to list all the different details. Fonts were a little small, but were still readable in most cases.

There’s plenty to like about Poynt, and both its designs and features make it a pleasure to use. It’s a pity that there are errors that plague the app, but hopefully they’ll be cleared up in a future update.