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App of the week – Feedly

We all like to keep our finger on the pulse with the news that really interests us. Feedly aims to give you the news you want to see in a stylish and simple user interface. But does it succeed?

The Android app market is swamped with news-related apps, so it takes something a bit special to stand out from the crowd. When we first heard about Feedly, we were a little sceptical, but when we got to grips with Feedly, my word were we impressed. Feedly aims to give you the news that is most relevant to you, while also offering a variety of different sites which you can check out. Upon opening Feedly for the first time, we were shown pages upon pages of the latest tech-news, as well as a list of sites which Feedly highly recommended to us; they were all sites we regularly follow.

Each story has a small thumbnail picture with a description, and clicking on the link takes you directly to the site. No hassle. No bother. If you decide you want to look for a different category of news, Feedly offers a wide choice of other categories for you take a look at, ranging from gardening to gaming. We were surprised with how instantaneous Feedly updates itself, and it seemed to always be on the pulse with sites updating for the majority of categories.

The user interface of Feedly is what really makes the app a standout performer from the rest. Not only does it sport an elegant design, it is also so simple to use. You won’t find any lag and swiping between screens is no problem whatsoever. Another feature that brought a smile to our faces, was the social media functionality, and being able to share any news stories through Facebook, Twitter as well as Tumblr.

For a free download you can’t really complain with Feedly. It’s sophisticated, smart and stylish all at the same time. It offers a brilliant news service, and because of it we were able to find new sites that we can take our Android-loving eyes to. If you do anything Android related today, make sure it’s you downloading Feedly.

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Thanks to @icecolddemon for the recommendation!