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Angry Birds Epic Review

Can the Angry Birds clan tackle the RPG genre?

Angry Birds has become one of the staple game series available from the Google Play store. What we’ve seen previously is a tried and tested format, but Rovio’s latest adventure, Angry Birds Epic, is something new altogether. In essence, the game is a fairly standard action RPG, but with all the familiar characters you’ve come to expect. Oh, and don’t worry, the pigs are still your enemies.

The game takes you to Piggy Island, where you control a bunch of feathered heroes as you try and explore the mysteries of the island. Along the way you’ll encounter different landscapes, and as you’d expect with any Rovio game, each one is beautifully animated.
Occasionally you’ll run into enemies that you need to do battle with. Battles are fairly simplistic, but each one of your characters has a range of skills they can utilise and it’s up to you to figure which combination works well against the enemy.

As you beat enemies and explore further, your characters level up and you’ll earn new weapons and upgrades to use. The choice of upgrades isn’t vast compared to many of the countless RPGs on the Play store, but it’s ideal for those new to the genre. Above all else, Angry Birds Epic is just simply fun.

There’s lots of humour that will make you snigger and the fast pace of the game means it’s a perfect pick-up-and-play title. An increasing trend we’re finding in these types of games is the amount of in-app purchases on offer. Although you can happily progress through this title without them, the grind of levelling up your character can feel like a chore, so people may choose to make the process a little faster. For a first attempt in the RPG genre, Angry Birds Epic is certainly a laugh-out-loud affair. Despite the rather basic upgrading options, it’s a great addition to the Google Play store.