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Android shopping apps: eBay vs Google Shopper

Android shopping apps are becoming more common everyday. But which is the right one for you? Read on to see our thoughts on two of the biggest Android shopping apps around.

Internet shopping has exploded in the past few years, with bargain hunters now lining the corridors of eBay, rather than lining the corridors of many high street retailers. There is a plethora of shopping apps available for download on the Android Market, and for the most part they work well. We took 2 of the biggest Android shopping apps and put them through their paces to identify which app will give you the best shopping experience on your Android phone.

eBay (Free)

eBay is one of the most successful sites when it comes to internet shopping on your desktop computer. The app version of eBay has had a similar amount of success, with millions of shop-savvy buyers eagerly looking for some amazing bargains. The app uses two primary search functions; the traditional text search, or the slightly unconventional barcode scanning. Although it is a novel idea, we question how many people actually add barcodes to their listings, not many at all. We had no problems searching for items, and were surprised with the amount of items that were on the site, with categories packed with various sellers and their good. Bidding on an item is an easy process, and if you happen to win the item you’re bidding on, the ever reliable PayPal can be used as the main payment scheme. As well as the usual bidding process, users can also add items to their ‘Watch List’, allowing them to keep track of certain items for late reference. If you’re outbid an item, a pop-up will alert you, allowing to re-bid on the item, a nice feature.

Overall: 4

Google Shopper (Free)

Google Shopper is relatively new to the scene, in terms of internet shopping, but offers the same functionality as its older competitors. Similarly to eBay, you can search with the standard text search and the slightly unconventional barcode scanning. What makes Google Shopper different from the rest, is that you can conduct voice and image searching. By simply saying what you want cuts out a lot of the fuss usually needed to search for items. Google Shopper has links to a number of retailers, one of which is eBay, meaning you can’t really go wrong with this app. Finding a specific product is a particularly easy process, with the user being able to conduct searches through local and national retailers. As well as the standard shopping experience, Google Shopper also gives you access to sign-up for Google Offers. This allows you to get Google exclusive deals on products, restaurants and activity deals in your local area.

Overall: 4



We love both apps, and both have some amazing positives, and a few niggly bad points. Although Google Shopper is a reliable and easy app to get to grips with, eBay is just an absolute pleasure to use. Although eBay just pips it for us, you can’t really go wrong with either of them!