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Android how-to guide: Your FAQs answered!

Get up to speed with your Android phone with these nine frequently asked questions for the new user

How to merge Facebook friends with contacts

Synchronising Facebook friends with your main contact list takes a couple of taps and once you set it up, they will continue to synchronise in the future. Go to Settings / Accounts & sync and look for Facebook. You can now tap the select circle in the ‘Sync contacts’ section to enable this.

How to share a photo

Android is all about sharing and photos are no exception. Simply go to the Gallery and choose a photo. There will either be a share option on the main screen or available as a menu option. When you select it you will be able to share via email, Bluetooth, Facebook and many other services.

How to copy and paste

To copy text, simply hold your finger down on the text you require and wait for the markers to pop up. You can move these to select the correct text and then tap the screen to copy it. To paste the text, you just need to hold your finger down again and select ‘paste’.

How to uninstall apps

From time to time you will need to remove an app or game that you have either got bored with or found a replacement for. Go to Settings / Applications / Manage Applications and choose an app. Then tap ‘Uninstall’ to complete the process.

How to refund an app

Once you purchase an app you have exactly 15 minutes to obtain a refund if you are not impressed with it. If you want a refund for an app, go to the Android Market within that time and search for the app in question. You will see an ‘Uninstall & Refund’ button to obtain the refund.

How to set an alarm

To set an alarm on an Android device, go to the Clock app and tap the ‘Alarms’ option. Now tap the time icon and choose the time you require. Next, choose the day and tap the tick box. This will ensure that you wake up on time.

How to set a lock screen

There are various options for the lock screen on an Android device and you should experiment to see which works best for you. Go to Settings / Security / Set up lock screen and then choose the method you require. The Pattern option works particularly well.

Kill tasks

If you have a task that is running and seems to be causing problems, go to Settings / Applications / Running Services. You can now select a running task and tap ‘stop’ to close it. This can be useful on many occasions.

Send an MMS message

Sending an MMS is not obvious at first. Go to the Messaging app and follow the same process that you would use for sending an SMS. Now tap the attachment icon and choose what you want to send. It will automatically change to the MMS format for sending.