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Android essential gaming: RPG round-up

There are plenty of brilliant RPGs on the Play Store that you can invest your time in. We've picked four of the best to help you decide which one you should be playing next!









Final Fantasy III









Price (UK and US): £10.99/$19.52

Designed for: Phone and Tablet

Requires Android (version number): 2.2

The Final Fantasy series is one of the most well-established console franchises, and has finally made its Android debut in the form of Final Fantasy III. You control four youths as they try and save the world that has been enshrouded in darkness.

People who are new to the series will have no trouble getting used to the game, as the story is told brilliantly well, and there are tutorials on hand if you ever get stuck. Seasoned Final Fantasy players will find everything they loved in the original here, and with the 3D graphics, the game feels a lot more polished.

Touch screen controls can be clumsy, but controlling your characters within FFIII is a breeze, and the menu system is also very easy to navigate. The price might put some people off, but this is the best RPG we’ve seen on the Play Store in a while.

Overall: 5/5


Zenonia 4

Price (UK and US): Free

Designed for: Phone

Requires Android (version number): 2.2+

The fourth installment of the already sterling Zenonia series is an impressive specimen. From the get go you’ll recognise all the usual role playing game elements; including things such as gaining XP, random quests, and a thorough levelling up system.

The sheer variety of armour, weapons and items allows you to customise your team till your hearts content, and we were surprised with the level of detail the game shows. This can also be said about the levelling system within Zenonia 4, it really is second to none.

If you’re on the lookout for a sprawling RPG with all the elements you would expect in a classic, with characters that are well thought out and offer something different, then Zenonia 4 is an essential game.

Overall: 4/5













Price (UK and US): Free

Designed for: Phone

Requires Android (version number): 2.1+

In Destinia you play as Duke, an ex-soldier who is trying to save the land from the evil Kaiser. Destinia offers its players a detailed and gripping action RPG, but relies on the standard RPG elements we commonly see from other games on the Play Store.

Destinia is played through several buttons that appear on screen. There is a detailed menu system within the game, which allows you to look at your inventory, magic, status and several other things.

The variation within the game is also fantastic, with lots of different enemy sprites, and a host of other allies, all adding to the gaming experience.

Overall: 3/5



New Star Soccer





















Price (UK and US): £1.99/$3.12

Designed for: Phone

Requires Android (version number): 1.5

New Star Soccer is an engaging little football simulator, with a host of RPG elements thrown in for good measure. From the very start it becomes very clear on the sheer depth of the game, as you need to choose the country you based within, and being able to choose to play in the Faroese league makes this game a total winner in our eyes.

Away from the football action, another integral part of NSS is to manage your player’s fitness and lifestyle, in a unique RPG-esque style. You can purchase vehicles, building and even energy drinks to help balance your player’s life. It’s a great addition to the mode, and offers something different from the included football elements.

Despite a few graphical glitches, and the fact players seem to run like they’re stuck in tar, New Star Soccer manages to deliver an engaging football simulation game, that sprinkles a few RPG elements to make it that bit more addictive.

Overall: 5/5


Winner: Final Fantasy III

A detailed RPG that caters for both hardcore fans and people new to the genre.