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Android essential gaming: Platformer round-up

We've put four of the most downloaded platformers to the test to find out which ones you should be downloading first!


The colour scheme is questionable!









Price (UK and US): £0.60/$0.92
Designed for: Phone
Requires Android (version number): 2.0

Rocketron adds to the list of platformers available from the Google Play store. Players must guide Rocketron from one side of the galaxy to over, by sticking him to the various platforms scattered on each level. To do so, you simply need to tap the screen to Rocketron to attach to the nearest platform, while also making sure to dodge obstacles and avoid any gaps.

On paper it sounds fairly simple, but the sheer speed of how the game plays means after just a few levels we were struggling to get to the other side, it really is that difficult. Levels are beautifully designed, but with so many thinks zipping across your screen, it can be difficult to keep up with what’s actually going on.

There’s plenty of style within Rocketron, and some aspects of it work well; but ultimately there’s little here that hasn’t already been done to a better standard.

Overall: 3/5



Levels get difficult quickly








Price (UK and US): £1.63/$1.99
Designed for: Phone
Requires Android (version number): 2.1

If you’re looking for a retro fix, then Meganoid will be a perfect choice for you. Reminiscent of 8-bit platformers, Meganoid puts you in the shoes of the ‘last hero’ who must save the world from evil. What ensues is a wonderfully designed game, which utilises tried and tested elements that make for great platformers.

The game itself includes over 300 levels, although a number of these are fairly short. Difficulty gradually progresses the further you get into it, with latter levels becoming a very tricky proposition to complete. Saying that, some earlier levels have very tricky parts you’ll need to carefully navigate through.

Meganoid is by no means a reinvention of the platforming genre, and in fact it’s a culmination of several different platforming titles. If you’re looking for a decent pickup and play title, however, then Meganoid definitely is worth checking out.

Overall: 5



Collecting all the cogs gives you more points









Price (UK and US): Free
Designed for: Phone
Requires Android (version number): 2.2

Cordy is a colourful little platformer that puts you in the shoes of a tiny robot looking to power the world. To do so, you must guide Cordy through a variety of levels, collecting more power as you go. Level designs are fairly varied, but you’ll have no problem in getting through each level pretty rapidly. We were disappointed to have got through the entire game in less than a couple of hours.

Cordy has a variety of moves you can perform to get through each level, and each are represented by glowing lights when you come across them. They’re made pretty redundant as you can get through each level without needing a single power up to complete it.

The game’s main strength is with its graphics. Every level looks fantastic, and the cartoon look and feel makes the game feel even more special. If only there was more of it to enjoy!

Overall: 4


Bouncy Mouse


Reach the cat before he eats the cheese
Price (UK and US):  Free
Designed for: Phone
Requires Android (version number): 2.1 and up

Simplicity seems to be the key to making a good Android game these days, and Bouncy Mouse uses that method perfectly. You play as Bouncy Mouse, a small rodent who is trying to get back all the cheese that was stolen from him and his friends by the evil cat. You use your finger to pull back Bouncy Mouse’s tail and fling him from one green peg to another whilst collecting cheese.

Although it is a simple enough game, there is a fair bit of strategy involved to get Bouncy Mouse to safety, especially when you have to dodge bees as well. You must try and figure out the best way for Bouncy Mouse to travel, and collecting 100% of the cheese on each level might take a few attempts.

On top of that, Bouncy Mouse looks the part and its delightful graphics just add to its simple, but superb, gaming experience.

Overall: 4


WINNER: Meganoid

Precision platformer containing plenty of fun, and at a decent price!