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Amazing Alex Android game review

Crafty physics puzzler from Angry Bird's creators. Read on for our full review.

After the Angry Birds phenomenon, Rovio’s next venture into the game market is a slightly different prospect from flinging birds at pigs, and instead we are introduced into the world of Amazing Alex. The background story is simple enough, Alex needs to chores, but instead of doing so, he create constructions to help transport objects from one place to another. The game boils down to being a physics-based puzzler, in which you must arrange and construct parts of Alex’s creations to get balls, balloons and other objects to different locations, all of which are created out of general household items.

The game starts off particularly easy, and for the first 15 or so levels you’ll have no trouble figuring out what to do. Later levels see contraptions become a little harder, and the puzzling aspect of the game comes to fruition. Similar to Angry Birds, you get a star rating at the end of each level, with 3 stars being the best rating possible. Although it’s unlikely you’ll 3 star each level within one play through, it can be done.

Graphically, the game has the same charm as Angry Birds, and the colourful interface, and clever designs should be appealing for the younger market, if not a little cheesy for the older folk. Level design is also pretty varied, especially when you start to see the more detailed constructions in later levels.

The game does suffer from a lack of originality, however, and you’ll find many similar games on the market, that have a more adult appeal to them, Apparatus immediately springs to mind here. It’s also over pretty quickly, and if you’ve a half decent puzzle brain, you’ll be able to get through the entire game in a matter of hours.

Despite the few flaws that Amazing Alex possesses, it’s indeed another solid addition to the Rovio stable. It isn’t as polished as Angry Birds, but it’s enjoyable for the time it lasts.