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Want to engage with 126,988 affluent consumers every month?

Gadget connects with a smart, affluent, engaged audience. It’s an advertising opportunity unlike any other in the world. Contact us for more information about how you can excite our readers with your brands.

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To promote your products with the Gadget brand, please contact:

Gadget brand values

Featuring all of the latest, coolest, most exciting tech, including hot items such as drones, 3D printers, wearables, sports tech, smart homes and VR, Gadget goes beyond the purchasing decision to explain how kit works with practical advice on how to use it. Gadget has re-invented the tired formula of existing tablet-obsessed tech magazines with a fresh approach that celebrates fun technology and real-world application.

Brand values

  • The only mass-market gadget magazine
  • Buying advice, but also explanations of how gadgets work
  • Practical, hands-on approach to technology
  • Assured quality and accuracy from the creators of How It Works

Gadget advertising opportunities

There are numerous ways to work with the Gadget brand. We would recommend a number or all of the following options for maximum exposure:

    • Premium positions in the print & digital editions
    • Sponsorship of the Gadget email newsletter
    • Bookazine sponsorship
    • Creative options within the printed edition, including gatefolds, special cover processes, reverse cover positions and gift sponsorship

Gadget audience profile

Gadget’s key audience profile is 90% Male, 10% Female. Aged 10-45, affluent Its key target groups are:

Geek Dads
Gadget’s practical informative approach is enjoyed by the new generation of ‘Geek Dads’ – who enjoy and understand tech, and want to engage their kids

YouTube lads
The coolest new tech is what excites a whole new generation of boys aged 12-17 years and their still-active parents

Gadget’s focus on the very latest cool new technology attracts a core audience of male influencers aged 24-35 who want to be at the cutting edge

Contacts at Gadget


Jack Parsons, Editor

01202 586279

Aaron Asadi, Publishing Director (Board)

01202 586261