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Advanced photo Apps on the iPhone…

iPhone applications geared towards the more professional photo user address the need for iPhone owners to have control over various aspects of the picture taking process. These include image enhancement and the ability to share with the relevant pro community worldwide. Some of the Apps available are incredibly impressive and way beyond what we thought would be possible when the App Store was first launched. Here is a quick round up of our favourite advanced photo apps.

Photogene £1.79
Photogene is essentially an image editor. It lets you crop, rotate and mirror an image, and correct colour balance. You can also add text bubbles, shapes and frames. You can zoom in and out, move the picture around and save the enhanced image to your Camera Roll.


PHOTOCALC comes with an exposure, depth of field and flash calculator. The depth of field calculator combines focal length, distance and aperture to indicate a focus level. The Reference mode has a glossary of photographic terms and a Sunrise mode gives the sunrise for a given day.









f/8 £2.39
This is clearly an application for the more serious photographer who’s concerned with the depth of field setting to achieve a desired effect. Once you give f/8 details of the camera and the lens you’re using, as well as the picture at hand, the app calculates the best depth of field for you.









Color Expert £5.99
This app uses an interactive wheel to spot a target colour. Monochromatic, Complementary and Split Complementary colour schemes are supported, as well as the option to search through Pantone Solid Coated, Pantone Solid Uncoated, Web Safe Colors and HTML Colors.









PanoLabPro £2.99
PanoLabPro is one of several apps to enable panorama creation on the iPhone. You can use photos from your Camera Roll or take new ones for a specific panorama. Once you have arranged the pictures and built your panorama, you can save it into your Camera Roll.









Sketches £2.99
Sketches lets you freely draw on your iPhone screen. You can start from scratch or select a photo to draw on. Choose from pencils, colours and backgrounds, and save your masterpiece to your Camera Roll or email it. A novelty effect is shaking your iPhone to erase what you’ve done.










Photobucket Free
Photobucket has more than 44 million users worldwide. It links billions of photos, graphics, slideshows and videos to thousands of websites, including Bebo, Blogger, eBay and Facebook. Photobucket for the iPhone lets you access your Photobucket account from your iPhone.