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Add multiple moves to static footage

Transform your stills and clips to add digitally produced zooms and pans

To make a statically framed video clip (or still image) look more interesting, you can add digitally produced camera moves such as zooms and pans, using Final Cut Pro’s post-production tools.

The quickest and easiest way to add camera moves is to use the Ken Burns controls. These enable you to zoom out from a cropped version of the frame to a wider angle (or vice-versa) for example.

The Ken Burns controls are easy and quick to use but they only enable you to move the virtual camera move between two points. By using the Crop command as an alternative to the Ken Burns effect, you can manually add multiple keyframes to create more complex digital camera moves, as we’ll demonstrate here.


1. Ken Burns effect

Drag a static wide shot into the Timeline. Click the pop-up icon at the bottom-left of the viewer and choose the Crop tool. Click on the Ken Burns button.


2. Choose start point

Scrub the Playhead to the start of the sequence. Click on the green Start rectangle to select it. Drag its corner handles to resize the window. Drag inside to re-frame it.


3. Choose end point

Scrub the Playhead to the end of the sequence. Click to select the red End point window. Drag its handles to resize. Drag inside the rectangle to place in a new position.


4. Play it back

Click Done to apply your Ken Burns camera move to the clip. Play back the sequence to see the camera zoom out to a wider shot while panning left, for example.


5. Crop a clip

Add another clip to the Timeline. Click to choose the Crop tool once again, then click on the Crop button (instead of the Ken Burns button). Blue corner handles will appear.


6. Add a keyframe

Scrub the Playhead to the start of the clip. Drag one of the blue corner handles to crop the frame. Click the diamond-shaped Add keyframe icon at the top-left of the Viewer.


7. Reposition the crop

Scrub forward then drag a corner handle to crop in tighter. Drag inside to re-frame. A new keyframe will automatically be created for the resized and repositioned Crop window.


8 Follow the subject

Scrub forward again. If the subject moves you can reposition and resize the Crop window to make the camera follow them. Another automatic keyframe will be applied.


9. Add final keyframe

Now scrub to the end of the clip and then resize and reframe the Crop window. Here we’ve panned and zoomed out to try and keep the dog in frame.