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How to add audio to your Keynote presentations – iWork Tutorial

Add audio to make your Keynote presentations more engaging

A slideshow of your latest holiday pictures isn’t always going to be as interesting to your audience as it is to you. By adding audio to your presentations and using it creatively, you can turn a dull scrapbook of text and images into an engaging, exciting slideshow that will have your audience on the edge of their seats. Following the steps is simple enough, but you may want to spend some time choosing the right audio for your project first. Our project is a scrapbook of a trip to Italy, so we’ve chosen a piece of music by an Italian composer to tie in with the theme. When you record the audio, practise timing the transitions with the beat of the music. It takes time but the results are worth it.

1: Media
Once you have completed your slideshow and you’re ready to start adding audio, head up to the top left of the interface and hit the Media icon.

2: Audio
From within the Media palette, select the Audio button on the left-hand side. This will give you access to GarageBand and iTunes files.

3: Search
To save you scrolling through thousands of MP3 files, try using the search field. As you type, the track titles containing that text will appear.

4: Play
Hit the Play button to listen to the audio and tap it again to stop. Choose your audio carefully: try to choose something that is sensitive to your project.

5: Inspector
Tap the Inspector icon at the top of the interface to open the Inspector palette and select the Document Inspector on the left. Tap the Audio button.

6: Drag and drop
Tap on the chosen audio file within the Media palette, hold down the mouse and drag it onto the white box underneath ‘Soundtrack’.

7: Get ready
Hit the Play button to listen to the audio again; when you’re ready, hit the Record button. The audio will start playing as your slideshow begins, full-screen.

8: Record
A bar at the top left with a red button will indicate that it is recording. Hit the space bar to change the slide. Hit it twice to stop the recording.

9: Finish
A green tick with a date and time of recording will indicate that you have recorded your audio successfully. Press Play to check before saving.

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