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Add an Indiana Jones-style map to your iMovie project

Chart your globe trotting with a globe, a dotted red line and a few clicks in your iMovie project

Let’s face it, we’ve all wanted to be Indiana Jones at some point. Sword fights, gunplay and adventure are vital parts of the film series, but just as important was the travelling that ‘Indy’ and friends did while looking for ancient artefacts. Jones has been all over the world, from Egypt to South America to India, and one of the most iconic images of Indiana Jones films is the scrolling map that shows where our hero and his companions are travelling without wasting time. It’s so iconic that it was even parodied in The Muppets’ recent movie, in which ‘travelling by map’ helped them reach their destination much faster.

What’s brilliant about iMovie is that it includes the ability to add a map just like this to your own project. Read on to find out how to give your projects the x-factor.

1: Action-packed

The first mission is to find some suitably action- packed footage that suits the Indiana Jones style. Here we’ve used a rope swing to add some drama.

2: Open the drawer

On the right-hand side of the screen are five buttons that add different content to your movie. Click the right-most button for the Maps drawer.

3: Drag on

There are plenty to choose from, but for the real Indiana Jones feel you’ll want one of the Old World options down the left-hand side. Click and drag it up.

4: Drop off

Drop the world map into the place you want it in your video. After a short wait while the map is generated you will see the map appear.

5: Inspector gadget

Double-click on the new map clip to open up the Inspector. This is where you can edit the locations involved, as well as add effects to the map.

6: Add an end

Make sure the box next to End Location is checked before continuing so you get the authentic effect of a red line flying across the globe.

7: Where to?

Double-click the location names and the box will spin around. You can type into the search bar at the top and the list of locations will update live.

8: What’s in a name?

You can change the name displayed on the map to whatever you like, without worrying about the name of the actual location. When you’re finished, hit OK.

9: Place to place

To add multiple locations you can simply add maps one after the other in your project’s Timeline. This gives the impression of different journey stops.

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