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Accessory Review – Skullcandy Icon


Manufacturer: Skullcandy
Price: From £20 

These uber-cool headphones have had a makeover, so we’ve decided that we ought to take a look. The Skullcandy Icon headphones still feature the extremely light-weight double band. Despite looking flimsy, once they’re on they are actually extremely comfortable over the top of your head, and because of the dual band they’re also very strong and surprisingly rigid. The leather effect on the ear cups has been replaced with old school 80’s foam. As a result they’re not as smooth on the ears as before, but they’re still pretty comfortable. The other major change is in the colours, and this is the real selling point for the headphones. You can now get them in black and chrome, red and white, black and yellow and mix of yellow and comic book/graffiti graphics. Of course, these are as trendy as headphones come so they’re unlikely to be to everyone’s taste, but for the money they also pack some decent specs. They have a 30mm performance driver, Ferrite magnet, a frequency range of 20- 20,000Hz and they can be used on any iPod and with both iPhones. For the money, these headphones pack a real punch – the sound is clear and bright with decent high, lows and middles. They will distort a bit at very high volumes, but that’s to be expected from headphones with this price point. If you’re into fashionable headphones and like your tunes to sound good, you can’t go far wrong with the Icon headphones from Skullcandy.


Practicality: 7.4

Design: 7.2

Value for money: 8.8

Features: 6.0

Durability: 6.5

Kung Fu Verdict: 7.6