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Accessory Review – iSkin Cerulean X1


Manufacturer: iSkin 
Price: £50

iSkin is certainly more famed for its iPod and iPhone cases as opposed to its headphones, but the X1’s from the Cerulean range are definitely going to start turning that tide. The X1’s are moderately priced in-ear headphones that at first glance are definitely ‘Apple’ enough to be desirable in the style stakes. Beyond that they are extremely well built, incorporating neodymium magnets that are around 18 times stronger than standard ceramic magnets. These deliver a much bolder and self assured sound then you would expect from such svelte buds. They have a frequency response of 20-20,000Hz which is pretty standard, but the excellent nature of the isolating buds means that all of this is delivered with little loss to the outside world. On top of the great looks and sound, iSkin has gone the extra distance with the packaging too, which is extremely iPhonelike and adds to the overall quality of the product. There is very little negative to say about the X1s, but if we had to have a go it would be the same thing we say about most isolating earbuds – because they are so effective they can be dangerous in everyday situations, like crossing roads. A worthy addition would have been an in-line Mute button to kill the sound when you need to. Other than that, these are one of the best sets of earbuds we’ve tested for the price. They are clear, handle loud volumes and will have you falling in love with music again.

Practicality: 7.4

Design: 8.4

Value for money: 6.4

Features: 6.8

Durability: 6.6

Kung Fu Verdict: 8.0