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Accessory Review – Element Case: Liquid case


Manufacturer: Element Case
Price: From $99

People are going to either really love or really hate this case. It’s extremely well made, and although it bulks the phone out a bit and has an interesting front cover, we think it’s great. The Liquid case is like no other. To begin with you have to screw your iPhone into it using an allen key and some magnetised little screws. This does mean that using a dock is rather impractical, but it’s not impossible. Once the iPhone is in, it’s securely protected by a high impact polymer. The case is universal, so it fits both the iPhone and the iPhone 3G.

Protection-wise this is probably the most sturdy and robust iPhone case we’ve tried so far. Once your phone is secured into the case, you then get a plate that sits on top of the iPhone screen and stays in place by using tiny metal plates that stick to the magnetised screws. It does mean that you have to remove the front plate each time you wish to use the phone, but you can conveniently stow it on the back of the case where it will stick to the screws on that side. Sound mental? It is. But it’s also cool. So, with the front plate attached this is no doubt one of the safest iPhone cases of all time. And on top of this, Element Cases will gladly laser-etch a logo or small piece of artwork on your case so it’s customised for you, and you can also choose the colour of the front plate. So it’s secure and customisable – what more do you need from your case? We definitely recommend it!

Practicality: 4.5

Design: 6.5

Value for money: 5.6

Features: 6.8

Durability: 8.4

Kung Fu Verdict: 6.8