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Accessory Review – DLO Slim Case



Manufacturer: DLO
Price: $35 

The Slim Case from DLO is a different beast entirely from the Jam Jacket. This is a hard-shell leather case that slips onto the iPhone and provides a much more rigid kind of protection. The Shell comes in one piece, which means you can slide the iPhone through it and into place. The advantage that this has is that all of your ports are accessible and none of them are covered up. There is a whole piece of leather that protects the back of the device, which is great as the plastic back of the new iPhone is extremely susceptible to scratches. The front of the case has a leather frame that protects the outer reaches of the iPhone with a bottom piece that connects the front and back, and then an open top that allows the iPhone to slip in and out. Sadly there is no screen protector with this case, but as with all the cases that come without you can buy them cheaply enough if you really need to. Protection-wise this case  isn’t going to absorb a great deal of impact, but it will protect against scratches and the odd bump or two. In terms of looks, the leather definitely adds an executive edge that you just can’t get from silicone or plastic. The one thing you definitely won’t have to worry about is accessing all the buttons on the phone, which is something that’s usually a big problem with iPhone cases. This is perhaps the Slim Case’s biggest selling point, and it would be perfect if only it was a bit more ‘cool’ and included a screen protector.

Practicality: 6.3

Design: 6.5

Value for money: 7.2

Features: 7.0

Durability: 6.9

Kung Fu Verdict: 7.0