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Accessory Review – DLO Jam Jacket


Manufacturer: DLO
Price: $20  


The Jam Jacket from DLO is without a doubt one of the best iPod cases we have ever come across. So, it’s no surprise that the company have ported the same idea over to the iPhone 3G. It’s a shame though that the Jam Jacket’s stand out feature hasn’t made it on to this new iteration. That’s right, this Jam Jacket for the iPhone 3G doesn’t have the built-in earphone management system that its predecessors had. Now, we know you’re aghast at this revelation, but there is still quite a lot going for this case. It still features a superior, no-slip silicone case that adds a “gripable” layer of protection to your iPhone 3G. The silicone is so tough that it feels almost rigid. It has just enough flex to allow for the iPhone to fit easily, but in a dropping situation you can rest assured it will protect it pretty well. The Jam Jacket also features openings for the side controls, camera lens, headset jack and dock connector so you can get to everything you need easily. Our only concern with the Jam Jacket from DLO is that the Sleep/Wake button is kept underneath the silicone, and as a result it’s a bit tricky to operate. Other than that, this is a great case. It even includes a screen protector, so there’s no worries about your screen and viewing being ruined by annoying little scratches. Once again, the Jam Jacket is a worthy protector for your favourite gadget. It’s just a shame it doesn’t have the very useful earphone management system this time around.


Practicality: 7.6

Design: 7.6

Value for money: 8.2

Features: 6.1

Durability: 7.6

Kung Fu Verdict: 8.3