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Accessory Review – Coosh earphones



Manufacturer: Coosh
Price: £13 

It’s not often that the Kung Fu team are baffled and intrigued when a piece of kit arrives at our offices, but the Coosh earphones we received arrived fitted onto a fake ear! Naturally they duly did the rounds in a series of bad impressions of big-eared famous people, but the upshot was that Coosh had grabbed our attention. We were sent a set of Coosh’s earphones for the iPod/iPhone that not only contained a microphone and Function button, but also some additional ‘earrings’ which help to keep the buds in place. At a first glance the rubber ‘earrings’ looked like they would be more trouble than they’d be worth, but they are easily detachable – so if it’s not your thing you can dispose of them if need be. If you do have an open mind to this kind of accessory then you’ll find they actually do a fair job. They’re comfortable enough not to be too noticeable when worn, and they keep the earbuds nicely placed should you engage in any kind of exercise that might otherwise see them spilling to the floor. The earphones themselves are pretty good too, especially when you consider the price point. They have an impedance of 34 Ohm, and a frequency response of 65Hz to 20kHz. They definitely sound better than the standard iPhone earphones and are an awful lot more comfortable too. Add to this the fact that they can match the iPhone’s earphones in terms of functionality, and this offering from Coosh is definitely worth a buy.


Practicality: 7.6

Design: 7.0

Value for money: 8.8

Features: 8.0

Durability: 7.2

Kung Fu Verdict: 8.2