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Access your Android’s System UI Tuner

Edit your quick settings on Android Marshmallow

The System UI Tuner is a hidden feature of Android phones that allows you to edit the quick settings menu you see when you pull down the top bar of your phone. Firstly we’re going to show you how to activate the System UI Tuner and then what you can do with it once activated.

  1. Access settings 

    Pull down the Quick Settings menu all the way, so that it is fully open. Press and hold the settings cog for around five seconds before letting go.

  2. Add System UI Tuner

    Once you’ve released it, you should see a text fl ash telling you that System UI Tuner has been added to your settings. If not, press and hold for a little longer.

  3. Enter Tuner

    Tap on the settings cog this time and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the menu. You should see System UI Tuner from where you can edit your Quick Settings.


1. Show battery percentage

Head into your settings and scroll down to System UI Tuner. Push the slider labelled ‘Show embedded battery percentage’ from grey to green.


2. Alter your status bar

Tap on the Status bar option in your System UI Tuner menu. From here you can remove all the options you don’t want to appear in your status.


3. Alter Quick Settings

Tap on Quick Settings, tap and hold on an icon in your pull down menu. You should see a delete bin appear that you can drag icons into.