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Featuring all of the latest, coolest, most exciting tech, including hot items such as drones, 3D printers, wearables, sports tech, smart homes and VR, Gadget goes beyond the purchasing decision to explain how kit works with practical advice on how to use it. Gadget has re-invented the tired formula of existing tablet-obsessed tech magazines with a fresh approach that celebrates fun technology and real-world application.

Brand values

  • The only mass-market gadget magazine
  • Buying advice, but also explanations of how gadgets work
  • Practical, hands-on approach to technology
  • Assured quality and accuracy from the creators of How It Works

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Contacts at Gadget

Jack Parsons, Editor
01202 586279

Aaron Asadi, Publishing Director (Board)
01202 586261


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0844 856 0644

+44 (0)1795 592 864
Cathy Blackman, Head of International Licensing
01202 586401