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Take The Mess Out Of Pancake Day With Drop’s Smart Scales

Pancake Day is fun, sure, but there can be a lot of mess involved in getting all the ingredients measured up and in the right ratio… luckily for us, though, there’s a perfect kitchen gadget you can get to act as your very own baking sous-chef…

The Drop Scale is here to fill that role. This smart scale connects via Bluetooth to an iPad or iPhone running the Drop Recipes app. The latter guides you through recipe steps, weighing each ingredient as you add it to your own bowl placed on the scale. Since you don’t need multiple bowls for many recipes, nor measuring cups, it should also save on the washing up.

You don’t even need to touch the screen with floury fingers, as you can advance to the next step by tapping a button on the scale. Possibly the most useful feature is the ability to scale recipes up or down according to how much of a certain ingredient you have.

While you’re limited to the recipes in the app, the device can also be used as a standard scale. In addition, a Drop Creator programme is in the works, which will enable users to add and share their own recipes.


Be an appy baker!

While the Drop Scale iPhone app functions as a simple scale readout, the main attraction is the Drop Recipes app. Each of its 250+ recipes comprises easy-to-follow steps that show the weight of each ingredient as you add it. You can even set it to auto-advance once you’ve added the correct amount or just press the scale button. If you don’t have enough of a particular ingredient, recipes can be scaled to account for what you do have. Some ingredients may also be substituted.

SS Drop_cocktail copy

It can make drinks too!

The Drop Recipes app includes a selection of classic cocktails to mix. Just place a cocktail shaker or jug onto the scale and start adding the ingredients in turn, following the steps in the app that show the weight for each as you pour it in. Finally, add optional ice, stir, strain into a cocktail glass and add a garnish. As with food dishes, you can scale recipes up or down according to how much of an ingredient you have available in your drinks cabinet. / £80 / $100