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60 million already?

We all knew that the App store would be pretty busy once it opened, I mean, Apple are great at building the hype for a launch so that each and every one hits the news stand like an atomic bomb but I don’t think anyone expected there to be 60 million Apps downloaded already.

Ok, you could get defensive and say that some or a lot of those downloads are free Apps, but still, 60 million! Even the king of cool Steve Jobs seemed a bit flabbergasted by this one. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal he said:

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my career for software,” he then added that sales could “crest a half a billion” in short order and that $1 billion could arrive “at some point.”

The activity on the App store has obviously not gone unnoticed by the rest of the mobile phone world, no doubt other phone makers are scratching their heads wondering how they can possibly compete.

T-Mobile have decided to respond by planning their own App store, for every single handset that they offer. This is really desperate. How many people will log on to that site hoping to download a game only to find it isn’t supported by their phone. I mean, come on guys, you have to innovate yourselves, not recycle whats just come out in th hope you can squeeze a few more pounds out of your customers.

I really can’t see anything stopping the iPhone its tracks. What Apple should really do is end the exclusivity deals so that customers from every provider can get in on the action, it would also then create a bit of healthy competition so iPhone owners could get a decent deal.

Right, how long before we hit 100 million? Two weeks?