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6 Facebook plugins that will make sharing easy

Discover the art of sharing with this collection of easy to add plugins


Discover the art of sharing with this collection of easy to add plugins




The share button does what it says on the tin. It lets people share your content with their friends. The difference between the share button and the like button is that a user can add a custom message before adding the content to their Facebook wall.



The omnipresent Like button should be no mystery to you. Much like the Share button, clicking this will add the current page to a user’s Facebook feed; the only difference is that the user won’t be able to post a personalised message as they do it. The like button has counterparts across the iOS and Android mobile platforms.



The comments plugin creates a quick way for your audience to engage with your content. Gone are the days of setting up long polling to get real-time messages or handling filters to hold back the trolls. With the comments plugin, people can talk about your awesome thing straight away and because their names and photos are next to what they say, they’ll likely be inclined to be kind.



If you want to give users a way to only share the best content with their friends then the Send button plugin is your friend. The Send button doesn’t post content to your Facebook wall. Instead, it creates a dialog that lets you message your friends telling them about the fantastic website you’ve just found.



A little while ago, Facebook enabled its users to subscribe to the public posts of other users, without adding them as friends. This functionality is great if you want to talk about your content and have people consume it without having to befriend every interested person who may share, like or comment on it.



If you’ve ever wanted to show off how many people enjoy the things you publish on Facebook, then the Facepile plugin is for you. If a user is logged in to Facebook, the Facepile plugin shows a list of friends that have liked the same content as your user. If logged out of Facebook, the plugin shows the number of people that have liked your content. Best of both worlds.