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6 Angular time-saving tips for 2016

Need to speed up your Angular workflow? This collection of quick tips will help you get the workflow you want

Need to speed up your Angular workflow? This collection of quick tips will help you get the workflow you want


Reading time indicator
A new feature on blogs is the concept of reading time. The basic premise is to display next to the article how long it will take to read a passage of text or the entire article. NgReadingtime is a handy directive for this.

Simplified file uploading
File uploading on the web has never been a simple process, always requiring multiple moving parts to get things working. This handy directive – ngFileUpload – should be a large time-saver. Not only is it straightforward to implement, it is fairly feature-rich: providing upload progress, cancelling, aborting and image cropping.

Google Maps directives
Angular Google Maps is a set of directives for the Google Maps JavaScript API. Angular Google Maps makes handling multiple markers, infoWindows and polygons very simple, enabling developers to focus elsewhere.

Structure views with UI Router
Using views and routes becomes a necessary concept when constructing single-page applications in an organised and efficient manner. Angular comes with its own ngRoute module, which allows for the structuring of views around pageURLs. UiRouter is designed to work with states (which can have routes), and this is much more in tune with how SPAs are designed/built.

Easy image cropping
Image cropping solutions on the web have long been lacking. Drawing bounding boxes that are fluid and responsive to user input is difficult enough, and that’s just when looking at the interface and user experience. NgEasyImageCrop does what it says on the tin, and makes for easy image cropping functionality.

Recaptcha solutions
Google released an updated reCaptcha a little while ago which delivers a vastly improved user experience. AngularRecaptcha integrates with the new reCaptcha API, allowing developers to implement Google’s new reCaptcha with a minimum amount of effort.