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5 ways to stay healthy with Android

These Android apps, gadgets and features will help you get - and stay - in tip-top shape

Stay healthy with Android

Stay healthy with Android

1 – Watch your diet

Whether you’re dieting to lose weight or following a food plan to help you achieve sporting greatness, there are a host of Android apps out there to make calorie counting and meal planning less of a chore. The Diet Point Weight Loss app comes with a host of built-in meal plans and shopping lists to help you take the guesswork out of healthy eating, while My Diet Coach – Weight Loss from Inspired Apps brings an element of gamification to healthy eating and hydration.

2 – Stay hydrated

Getting eight glasses of water down your neck every day can be pretty dull in a world of sugar-laden soda, artisan caramel mocha lattes and, of course, booze. Gamification’s the key feature here: Fourdesire’s Plant Nanny app is a cute little game in which you manage a Tamagotchi-style plant. When feeding it its daily water, it reminds you to drink your own. For those who take their water consumption more seriously, apps like Aqualert have a more sporty interface.

3 – Get paid to exercise

Achieving the 10,000 steps a day that your fitness tracker demands can be an arduous chore, but now there’s a powerful incentive in the shape of Bitwalking. As you walk, the app converts your steps into Bitwalking dollars (BW$), a crypto-currency like BitCoin, which you can then spend on goodies from the Bitwalking Market or from third-party partners. It’s a new start-up and the app is currently invite only, so head over to to check you can get it and request an invite.

4 – Get some sleep

It can feel like your smartwatch or fitness tracker is judging you for every late-night Netflix binge or bout of insomnia. Tracking your sleep patterns can be useful, but there are lots of Android apps to help you drift off. Start by installing Bluelight Filter for Eye Care to dim down the smartphone radiance that scientists claim is damaging our sleep. Do Not Disturb by Cabooze Software shuts off notification noises to also help you get some shuteye.

5 – Monitor your health

Keeping track of your activity and food intake is all very well, but Android can also help you to monitor your health so you know exactly what you want to achieve with diet and fitness apps. BMI Calculator from Splend Apps lets you calculate your body mass index and work out what your optimum BMI should be. There’s also Azumio Inc’s Instant Heart Rate app that is highly accurate when it comes to measuring your heartbeat and doesn’t require any external hardware to do its job.

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