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5 Top Utilities For Your Mac

Boost your Mac in 2010 with this set of great apps to help you with a range of tasks...

Fusion 2
VMware Fusion 3
This virtualisation app is perfect for Intel-based Macs and allows you to run both Windows and Mac OS X on your computer. Even better than Boot Camp, you can run Windows applications as if they were native Mac apps from within Mac OS X.

MacSpeech 2

MacSpeech Dictate
Free your hands by telling your Mac what to write with this brilliant dictation tool. Complete with headset and mic, MacSpeech Dictate can enter text into any app, recognising spoken words and even punctuation.

Virus Barrier 2
Intego VirusBarrier X5
As Macs become more and more popular, the number of viruses aimed at them is set to increase. Taking care of malware from physical discs as well as downloaded apps, VirusBarrier is a great protection option for all Macs.

mobileme_box 2
Apple MobileMe
A yearly subscription to Apple’s MobileMe service opens your Mac to a world of new opportunities. Not only do you receive an ‘’ email address, but you’ll also find 10GB of web storage for hosting iWeb sites. Push notification means that all of your contacts, emails and calendars are kept in sync across multiple Macs and iPhones.

Drive Genius 2
ProSoft Drive Genius 2
The tool used by the Apple Store Genius Bar, Drive Genius ensures that your Mac’s hard drive is running at its best at all times with options for optimisation and backup. It can even fix volumes you encounter problems with and, in many cases, restore them to working order.