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5 Top Tips For Navigating The Android Interface

Want to make your Android phone quicker to navigate and control? We've got five quick ways to make it so!

1. Press Home
Juggling multiple home screens can become quite complicated, especially if they’re all completely rammed with widgets. A quick tap on the Home button (the centre button on many devices, or the one indicated by a house icon) will always instantly return you to your ‘main’ home screen once again.

2. Quick Qwerty settings
If you change input methods a lot or want to tweak the Android keyboard settings, you can do so directly from the keyboard itself. Simply hold down the ‘123’ key, upon which you will be presented with options to change the input method or the keyboard settings.

3. Favourite websites
In the Android browser, go to your bookmarks list and long-press your favourite website. You can now add a shortcut direct to that site which will be placed on the home screen for even quicker access. Now you can visit your favourite sites without needing to open the browser first.

4. Muting sans buttons
RD Mute, available for download from the Android Market, is a simple app that senses when you pick up your phone and when you lay it face down. At this point it will silence the ringing tone and you can then carry on with whatever you are doing. This feature is also built into HTC devices.

5. Hotkeys
There are multiple hotkey shortcuts built into the Android operating system. For example, inputting ‘b’ into the home screen search bar and pressing enter will launch the browser. Doing the same with the letter ‘p’ will launch the music app, while ‘m’ will launch maps.