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5 Things We Wish The iPhone Could Do

Using an iPhone on a daily basis as we do, we’re used to moaning about a few little things we wish our favourite device could provide us beyond its already impressive feature set. We thought we’d vent here and offer up our top five to see if you all agree with us. As they say, a problem shared… etc etc

iPhone Kung Fu wishes the iPhone could:


1. Play Flash and other media streams
It’s not “The internet in your pocket” until you can see and hear EVERYTHING on the internet. Flash video is the major want here but there’s also plenty or Real formats out there for audio and video. We want to watch BBC News!


2. Plug into a larger screen and use the original as a touch pad
We were very excited by the video showing native iPhone apps running on a giant touch screen, so surely it’s not too much to ask that we get a little squint-relief from a bigger display when we get home.


3. Maintain enough charge for the evening after a day of playing games
Sure, we should probably power down and pick up a good book when we’re reclining on the couch with a cold one but iPKF doesn’t stop when it comes to apps and we want the phone to follow suit. Using the iPhone plugged into the wall or a computer just isn’t the same.


4. Properly reorganise apps after an “update all”
We’d rather update our apps one-by-one than have to drag everything around in order to return harmony to our homescreens.


5. Use different vibrations for SMS, Email and Calls
When you get a lot of emails, as of course we do, you get a lot of buzzes in your pocket. You can hardly hear the email notification sound which means you’ll likely confuse SMS and Mail. Fine if you want to check everything that hits your inbox but we think the continual removal of the phone from our pocket to read spam email about a million dollar penis enlargement lottery draw we’ve won is resulting in wear and tear on not only our bodies but that of the phone and its battery. How about two short vibrations for SMS, a single one for Mail and a Morse Code-like effort for calls?