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5 things in BlackBerry 10 we’d like to see in Android

We take a look at the featues of the new BlackBerry 10 OS and the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone that we'd like to see make their way to Android Key Lime Pie

BlackBerry, formerly known as RIM, has unveiled the new BlackBerry 10 operating system and two new devices, in a last-ditch attempt to recapture some of the company’s past glory.

The announcement included some interesting news – not least that the OS will run Android apps in an emulated environment. As Android users, we are already familiar with touchscreens and social media integration, but there were some features announced that we would love to see implemented in the Key Lime Pie update.

1. Messaging hub

Combining messages, social media updates and emails in one place is a fantastic feature in BlackBerry 10. An Android hub for this would make it easier to manage all your conversations without needing to worry about which app they have appeared in.

2. Different form factors

As much as we love our big screen slabs, we’d also welcome some more imagination in the Android world when it comes to form factors. The new BlackBerry range includes one of its trademark Qwerty keyboards, something that has been tried and rejected by the Android community. The reinvention of the full sliding Qwerty is long overdue, however.

3. Improved keyboard

What makes the BlackBerry 10 keyboard so great is its new predictive text system. The keyboard shows a selection of your most used words as you type, reducing the number of screen taps needed to bash out an email. Although Android users have plenty of options for alternate keyboards, this rethinking of predictive input is something that could be built on in Key Lime Pie.

4. Screen share

Perhaps the most impressive feature on the Z10 is being able to share your screen with a similar device no matter where in the world you are located. A brilliant solution for working together on projects at the same time.

5. BlackBerry Balance

This feature separates your work applications and data from your personal applications and data. It works in the same way as multi-user profiles, so could be an easy feature to integrate, and with the control it gives to IT administrators would help make Android a more attractive proposition in the enterprise sector.