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5 things about Google Now on Tap

Make your smartphone even smarter

Google Now on Tap

Google Now on Tap

Google Now on Tap is rolling out to Marshmallow users, so here are five things that you need to know about it.

It’s pretty smart

Google Now on Tap is part of a huge neural network that Google has been developing to make searching a lot smarter. Instead of merely picking out keywords and performing a search based purely on them, Now on Tap will tailor a search based on its context, such as your location or the music you are listening to. This way you will have much more accurate search results and get the information that you need an awful lot faster.

It knows what you’re thinking

This may sound scary, but it really isn’t. The main benefit of Now on Tap is that you should be able to ask it the most general question. For example, “Which church is this” and
by analysing your location, it assumes that you’re referring to the church you’re standing near and will give you its name. This will be useful as you now don’t have to provide any information when asking a question.

It won’t interrupt you

In the pre-Now on Tap days if you wanted to find the answer to a question then you had to head out of the app you were using, load up your browser, search and then load the original app back up again. However, now search cards will load over the top of your current app so you only have to pull these up to see the information and then push them down again.

It keeps your cards close

Those of you that love Google Now, never fear as that service still remains and your cards will stay one swipe away from your home screen in Marshmallow. Now on Tap is an addition to the service rather than a replacement, so you aren’t going to lose your valuable interest and route cards. In fact, Now on Tap should make the cards even more personal to you now that it is much better at learning things about you and your own habits.

It uses ANN

ANN is Google’s Artificial Neural Network, the framework upon which Google Now and Google Now on Tap is based. This network is a compilation of all the information gathered by Google over the years. By pulling together strands of all the searches people have made using Google over the years, ANN is becoming more adept at understanding what people are searching for when they type in certain phrases. This knowledge is pumped into Google Now on Tap to provide more intelligent responses to questions.

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