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5 reasons you’ll want iOS 9 right now

With new apps, refined features and a plethora of updates, here are 5 big reasons you'll want iOS 9 on your device right away

As with every WWDC event, we’ve been treated to the next OS update to hit our iPads and iPhone. iOS 9 does introduce a wave of exciting new features, but it has also refined many of the features we know and love in iOS 8. Here are 5 reasons why you’re going to really want the new update right now.

1. You’ll use Siri more than ever

As well as being able to use Siri to have quick access to your iPhone’s contact list, it’ll now respond to a whole host of new extra questions. To save yourself time, you’ll be able to ask it to load specific photos, give you concise weather updates and even recommend apps based on your prior usage. It’s a much smarter virtual assistant this time around, and one that you’ll undoubtedly want to use more of.

2. You can be more productive with your iPad 

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.20.08

The iPad will be getting a lot of love in iOS 9, so much so that it’s got a plethora of new and exclusive features. Multitasking has become a prominent feature with the thanks to the Slide Over and Picture in Picture views helping you use multiple apps simultaneously. Text creation has also massively changed, with a new built-in shortcut bar being used to help edit the text as you type.

3. It’s easier to move to iOS 9 from Android

For all you Android users who are considering moving over to iOS, this latest update will hopefully help you make your decision. The new Move to iOS app can help transfer your contacts, message history, photos and videos, calendars and any DRM-free songs and books stored on your current device. Once you’ve transferred your items across, your new iOS device will then provide you with a list of suggested downloads from the App Store.

4. Get the latest headlines in seconds

News collates the latest headlines from top news sources from around the world, based on all the topics you’ve a keen interest in. As you’d expect from any first party Apple app, News has a strong design ethic and brings in beautiful editorial layouts to the screen. Best of all, it’s been optimised for both iPad and iPhone, so you’ll have a top reading experience no matter which device you use.

5. Maps and Notes have undergone big updates

Notes has argubaly undergone the biggest update out of all of Apple’s pre-installed apps. The new update enables users to add an assortment of files to any of their stored notes, while you can also add updates to existing notes while using other apps. On the Maps side of things, it’s all about the addition of public transport support. You’ll never miss your train again!