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5 reasons to be excited about the Retina Display MacBook Air

What can you expect to see in the upcoming Retina Display MacBook Air?


Apple’s MacBook Air range is slowly gaining some traction and with the latest addition set to include a retina display, there’s a lot to be excited about the future of all MacBook Air units. Although nothing has been officially announced, here are 5 reasons to get excited about the Retina Display MacBook Air.

1. It’ll be out by May

It’s believed that Apple has been ramping up production of the new MacBook Air to meet a release date that will fall in the first half of 2015. With the upcoming launch of Apple Watch fast approaching, promoting the Retina Display MacBook Air at the same time could be a great idea.

2. Better use of Broadwell processor

One of the criticisms of some of the older MacBook Air units is the slow processing power. Intel’s improved Broadwell chip should make multi-tasking a whole lot easier, while also streamlining how the battery life would be affected.

3. Available in gold

If Apple’s recent history is anything to go by, chances are we could be seeing a gold variant of the Retina Display MacBook Air. If you’ve already got a gold iPhone and iPad, this could complete the set!

4. Say ‘bye’ to traditional USB ports

With the Air already being incredibly thin, expect Apple to revert to using a USB Type-C connector. The cable would act as an adapter to connect peripherals to the MacBook Air, without the need for Apple to include numerous ports.

5. 12-inch retina display

Obviously the crowning glory of the new MacBook Air will be the gorgeous retina display. Chances are we’ll see a slightly bigger 12-inch model launched, with 11-inch sales stuttering due to similar sizing of iPads.

Will you be buying one of the Retina Display MacBook Air units? Let us know in the comments below.