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5 Reasons Not to Buy the Verizon iPhone

With Verizon's big announcement yesterday it seems that a lot of people are getting very excited. But there are at least a few reasons why you should hold off before taking the plunge with Verizon.

1. It’s not a ‘World Phone’

Some were expecting the Verizon iPhone to work all over the globe, with the provider offering services in every country. As it stands that is not the case; if you’re a US Verizon iPhone user and you’re going to be traveling to Europe any time soon your phone won’t work. This may not affect the majority of users, but for people traveling regularly and needing internet access and minutes worldwide, it could be a disaster. The reason for this is also point number two…

2. It’s only CDMA

We say ‘only’ because it was hoped by some that the Verizon iPhone would have 4G capabilities. While it was unlikely that Apple would allow Verizon to announce such a big development, the fact that Apple are still only running 3G is disappointing after so many 4G phones were shown at CES.

3. You can’t make calls and access data at the same time

Again, due to the phone connecting via CDMA, data cannot be accessed while on a call. Currently if you’re accessing data and you get a phone call, the data connection is interrupted. Similarly you will have to hang up on a phone call before you can start browsing again. It’s all very well for Verizon to include the ability to create a local wifi hotspot though the iPhone, but if you get a call every device on the network will lose their connection. LTE can handle both at the same time.

4. When it works, AT&T’s network is theoretically better

This one may not count particularly, as AT&T’s network coverage is poor in many areas of the States. However, when you have a connection the speeds logged by AT&T are higher than Verizon’s, giving you a better connection. In theory. Still, there is one huge reason why now isn’t the time to buy the Verizon iPhone 4…

5. The iPhone 5

While it is obviously not confirmed, Apple’s track record for updating their iOS line once a year is well established. An update has been released in June/July every year since the original iPhone Launch in June 2007, which means it is likely that the next model of the iphone (tentatively but unsurprisingly dubbed the iPhone 5) is likely to be released around then. Of course, with the release of the Verizon phone there is a chance that this yearly update will be postponed slightly, but the public will still be expecting a release this year. With contract with Verizon still unconfirmed, but likely to stretch into 18 or 24 month contracts, users will be forced to pay again for an upgrade to the new device, or stick it out with their ‘old’ iPhone 4s for months on end.

Image courtesy of Engadget

While many will flock to buy the new Verizon iPhone on day 1, or upgrade from their older phone early, our advice is to be patient. We understand that patience is difficult to come by when new and products are being released regularly, but if you can manage with your old phone for a few months you will likely be rewarded by being one of the first customers to own a Verizon iPhone 5. Let’s hope it’s got LTE, eh?