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5 Questions For: Dan & Charlie From Fightstar

In a regular series of short interviews, iPhone Kung Fu asks five questions to well-known iPhone users.

Keen iPhone Kung Fu visitors will have seen our write up on UK rock band Fightstar’s new iPhone game, Spilt Milk (click here for the link). Not content with breaking the top 20 with our high score on the game, we got hold of Dan Haigh and Charlie Simpson from the band to answer our five questions.

Fightstar’s new album, be human, is available on iTunes for £7.99 by clicking here.

Check out Fightstar’s iPhone app Spilt Milk on the App Store by clicking this link.


1.What is your all-time favourite iPhone application and why?

Charlie: Flixster. The ultimate app for finding out what’s on at the movies. The fact that the app can note your location and direct you to the nearest theatre is genius! It also gives you a great insight into reviews and film info, which is also great to have.
Dan: Well Spilt Milk of course! I’m still trying to beat a million points and failing hard! It’s cool that I’m getting beat so sorely by the customers now… and I thought I had some gaming skills… damn. I also recommend Jaadu VNC which allows you to remotely connect to your home PC or Mac and take control. It even supports dual monitor setups! I like to log in remotely and freak my wife out by taking control of the mouse… opening a new text file and typing ‘I’m alive and going to eat you’ from the iPhone.

2.What feature would you add to the iPhone?
Dan: Probably some kind of death ray. I’d need a ‘stun’ setting on occasion I’d imagine, but only rarely.
Charlie: The only feature that the iPhone doesn’t have that I really want is the use of video on the camera function. Sometimes still pictures just don’t cut it when there is an alien invasion and you want to capture some awesome footage of the flying saucer.

3.What was the last played song on your iPhone?
Charlie: These Days – Jackson Brown
These Days – Nico… haha! The version battle rages on!

4.What image do you have as your iPhone background?
Charlie: I have a picture of my girlfriend that I took on Valentines day.
Dan: I have a still from a film which myself, members of Fightstar and two other rad dudes are making called In God We Trust. It’s a still of a mercenary sniper miliseconds after we detonated a large number of special effects squibs covered with LARGE blood packs that were attached to his chest. I think you can imagine the effect… forget about Die Hard!

5.What’s the strangest thing you’ve looked up on your iPhone?
Chaz and Dan: We once texted a question to AQA from Chaz’s iPhone which read ‘Will Steve Jobs be upset if we jailbreak our iPhones?’ They replied ‘Yes.’ It was worth every penny!

Check out Fightstar’s website at