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5 Photoshop tools for front-end developers

Discover how to add more power to your creations with these extensions



Including any plugin that “writes code for the developer” is always going to be controversial, but CSS Hat does an okay job. When it comes to trying to scratch something together in minutes or unpicking several font styles at once – it can be a handy pallette to have, especially for those who don’t have a mental CSS encyclopedia.

If something needs exporting, is the right tool for the job. The basic premise is that each top-level group in a PSD is a ‘screen’. and child groups with names beginning with “&” get exported as separate states of that screen. also generates webfonts for icons in vector format. No more manual image exporting from PSDs.


InVision takes designs and provides an interface for adding interactions – enabling designers to craft interactive prototypes complete with gestures, transitions, and animations. InVision also provides real-time presentation, collaboration and project management features. It’s a cheaper route to designing effective UIs.


Renamy is a layer renaming power tool. It allows for renaming of multiple layers the right way. It can find and replace and even handles regular expressions. Those who grew up with CS2 would be jealous of this tool. An alternative use is to rename a colleague’s PSD layers from ‘New Layer 102’ to ‘Old Layer 102’ just to upset them.


Ink is a free Photoshop plugin that generates documentation with detailed information on Photoshop documents and their layers/styles. For typefaces this is information on font family, weight, leading, size and colour. For images and other layer assets, dimensions are output. It spots minor inconsistencies at a glance.