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5 must-have jQuery plugins for 2013

We take a closer look at 5 of the best jQuery plugins out there now. Get help with migration to jQuery 2.0, slideshows, responsive video, auto-completion and gap-free layouts

jQuery Migrate


Version 1.9 of jQuery deprecated or removed a number of methods that had long since been on the chopping block. Because these changes could potentially break existing web sites, the team introduced the jQuery Migrate plug-in, which works to restore this functionality – that is, until you have had a chance to rewrite your code to remove the deprecated references. To use the Migrate plug-in, you simply need to reference the script below jQuery, and then you’re good to go!

001    <script src=”jquery-custom.js”></    script>


003    <script src=”        jquery-migrate-1.2.1.js”></script>

Cycle 2


Mike Alsup is a long-time member of the jQuery community, and he has built a number of popular plug-ins – the most popular of which is Cycle 2. This is a versatile slideshow plug-in that is the best in its class. Simply include the plug-in, declare your markup, and Cycle takes over from there! Slideshows in seconds! What’s more it supports all browsers and is declarative and responsive. Head to the URL above to discover this versatile plug-in’s uses and learn more about its functionality and benefits.



FitVids.js is a simple wrapper that allows for fluid-width video embedding, while maintaining the original aspect ratio. Though accomplishing this is trivial for HTML5 video, things can quickly get tricky when working with video hosts such as YouTube and Vimeo. FitVids normalises the entire process into an easy-to-use plug-in. Behind the scenes, and after the initial setup, all of the resizing is performed with basic CSS percentages.



TypeAhead is a fully documented, well-built and fast autocomplete library that just works. Provide a dataset, optionally set a template that will be used for the drop-down menu, and you’re all set to go! Why reinvent the wheel, when you can let somebody else do the work for you?



Nested is a gorgeous multi-column grid plug-in that allows for creating dynamic, gap-free layouts. It accomplishes this by creating a matrix of all applicable elements. Next, it builds a multi-column grid, scans the matrix for gaps, and attempts to fill them in by reordering the elements. It’s a neat little plug-in!