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5 essential travel apps for Android

Time to dust off the suitcase, it's finally summer. Here are 5 essential travel apps to help you on your way.

Trip Journal


Trip Journal tracks your exact GPS coordinates meaning you’ll have an exact timeline of where you’ve been. As you travel you can place markers and add notes to landmarks and streets to remind you of a certain price at a later date. After your trip is finished you can export your routes in to Google Earth where you can share them with your friends and family to show them where you went. Instead of forking out £2.99 for the app straight away, check out the free version first.

Google Translate


I don’t know about you, but my Slovak isn’t really up to par, and therefore the Google Translate app is an invaluable source of information. The app has full, and reliable translations for over 64 languages from all over the world. If typing isn’t your thing, then use the voice function on your device and speak in to your device, where the app can translate what you say in to 17 different languages.



Keep track of all your fights to the second with the FlightTrack app. Get live departure info from major airports all over the world, and even track the process of any outgoing or incoming flights. The app also includes a zoomable maps feature that allows you to pinpoint your flights location, and its total distance from your destination.



Hipmunk is a fantastic app if you’re looking for accommodation while traveling. The app lists all the accommodation in your destination, as well as showing you what overs have said about it. Bookings can then be placed, through the app, and you’ll find Hipmunk does have offers for booking accommodation in certain places. There’s a flight search feature, but there are better options available.

World Travel Guide by Triposo


Triposo’s World Travel Guide gives you information about every country around the world, as well as recommending places and hotspots you’ve to visit. Each guide to a country can be downloaded on to your device, and works offline without an internet connection. Located in each guide are recommendations for the best places for nightlife and restaurants in that country.