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5 Best Gadgets of CES 2017

Here’s are our top picks from the world’s biggest tech trade show

CES 2017 annual invasion of Las Vegas was packed with all sorts of innovations. Amazon’s Alexa assistant was built into everything, every major car manufacturer had a vision of the self-driving future, and a new range of smart spectacles proved that AR is advancing. However, here’s our round-up of the best tech on show.


Best…Home entertainment system


CES is always packed from wall to wall with televisions, but this year had some particularly stand-out offerings. For instance, Sony’s new A1 Bravia OLED has in-built tranducers so it actually emits sound from the screen. The demos that we saw were very impressive, with directional sound so that as a car drove across the screen the roar of the engine followed it. But still couldn’t compare to the LG Signature W7 OLED. Just 2.57 milimetres (0.15 inches) thick, you can this TV edges like paper and even hang it up using magnets. Despite being so flimsy, the 70-inch screen is still able to offer 4K resolution with HDR richness. While prices are yet to be confirmed, the W7 is expected to launch in April.

The LG Signature W7 OLED’s price is to be confirmed, but its expected to launch in April. For more information, see

Best… Adorable robot sidekick


If you find Amazon Echo or Google Home a little too soulless, Kuri – with its expressive eyes, Pixar-like design and R2D2-like bleep bop way of talking – might be the personal assistant for you. This 20-inch robot can respond to voice commands; play music and follow you around like a roving speaker; delivering voice messages from you to your family members, using facial recognition to find the right person; and patrol your home when you’re not there, responding to suspicious sounds and movements. While there are lots of home robots that have gained popularity through crowdfunding sites, then have been endlessly delayed, Kuri is available to preorder now and will be available to buy this Christmas.

Kuri costs £575/ $700 and will launch this Christmas. For more information, see

Best… Wearable not for your wrist

FU Motiv Ring hand model workout

While Sony’s crazy thin E-Ink smartwatch concept and the more understated Misfit Vapor came close, the best wearable at CES wasn’t for your wrist. The 8mm wide Motiv Ring comes with a three-axis accelerometer and heart rate monitor to track your fitness through your finger. Not just a novelty, Motiv Ring’s creators say it offers a more accurate heart rate reading than traditional wristbands as there is no hair to get in the way of the sensor. The smart jewellery is also waterproof up to 50 metres and is supposed to deliver a five-day battery. The Motiv Ring is available to preorder now.

The Motiv Ring costs £165/ $200. For more information, visit

Best… For insane gaming

FU Razer Project Valerie on white

Though only a concept, our inner gamer squealed with excitement when Razer revealed what it’s calling ‘Project Valarie’. Initially it might look like just another gaming laptop, but then two more 17.3-inch monitors slid out of either side of the main screen by themselves. Roughly based on the existing Razer Blade laptop, each one would offer 4K quality, adding up to an eye-popping 12K panorama. This much GPU would be powered by a cutting-edge Intel Kaby Lake processor and Nividia’s 1080 graphics card. The only downside is that if this ever comes to market – and that’s a big if – it will cost a lot.

Project Valarie has no confirmed price or launch date. For more information, visit

Best…Night’s sleep

FU Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed lifestyle couple sleeping

Sleeping sensors are increasing popular, but in a dream world, no one wants to wear a tracking device to bed. The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed offers an alternative: it tracks all of your bedtime biometrics, including heart rate, breathing and how much you toss and turn, using sensors built into the king-size mattress. It then takes action to ensure you have a good night’s rest, such as cradling you differently when you flip from your stomach to your side. As well as raising the mattress up and down, it can adjust the firmness of the bed and even warm your feet.

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed will cost from £2,050/ $2,500 and will roll out later this year. For more information, visit