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5 best Android strategy war games

To mark the launch of History of War Magazine issue 9, we have rounded up our top five favourite war games from the Play store.

Set across Ancient Rome, Feudal China, Revolutionary America and even the modern day War on Terror, we highly recommend picking up History of War Magazine for an insight into military history’s best tacticians before attempting these super strategy game.

The new issue of History of War is jam-packed full of war machines, great victories, crushing defeats and all the heroes and villians from history, with a detailed account of Nelson’s victory at the battle of Trafalgar, a profile of Hitler’s most feared fighting force the Waffen SS, and an in-depth look at the icon AK-47, and a run-down of the 20 biggest battlefied turning points. Buy it in all good shops now or download it direct from Google Play Newssstand.

Think we’ve forgotten something? Let us know your thoughts on the best strategy war games for Android in the comments!


Cato and Macro

From Sunday Times bestselling author Simon Scarrow comes Cato and Macro: The Game. Storm your way across the battlefields of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East with fictional legends Cato and Macro in their fight to defend and expand the Roman Empire. Cato and Macro has the same foundation as Scarrow’s novel Under the Eagle, featuring the likes of Boudica, Caratacus and Ajax, and a penchant for bloody battle scenes despite the cartoonish graphics.


Autumn Dynasty

Not your average strategy game, the traditional Chinese painting becomes an epic battlefield in Autumn Dynasty. Direct your armies with brushstrokes in the spirit of classical maneuver warfare with intuitive gesture controls, across beautiful painted maps featuring thousands of feudal soldiers fighting onscreen. The plot-driven campaign mode could be longer, however skirmish mode against up to four AIs and the fast and furious blitz mode will keep you entertained.


Breach and Clear

Think before you fight in this unique game set to the backdrop of the contemporary War on Terror. Playing as a Special Forces unit, you must enter a building and clear it of terrorists one room at a time. Given a bird’s eye view of the target building before each level, you have to think tactically about what roles you’ll give your team, what weapons they’ll use, and how they will enter the building. With so much to consider, it gives the gameplay a heightened sense of dangers that many mindless first person shooters lack.


Call of Duty Strike Team

Set in the year 2020 during a military stalemate between the US and China, with mysterious terrorists trying to provoke World War Three, Call of Duty Strike Team is clearly not going to be appearing in the pages of History of War any time soon. However, with realistic graphics and optional multiplayer, Strike Team is undeniably one of the best fighting games on Android and with a mix of third-person strategy and run-and-gun action it offers a more dynaimc alternative to Breach and Clear’s modern-day Special Ops strategizing.


Colonies vs Empire

Choose a side in 18th-century colonial America. Will you fight for the freedom of the colonies, forge a new nation and give power to the common people? Or will you wage war for King George III, to promote stability and order around the globe? Pick a side, build your settlement, raise your army, fight for what you believe in this American Revolutionary War real-time strategy game.