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5 awesome things about Android Marshmallow

These five tasty features make Android 6.0 a real treat


Android Marshmallow is on its way, and these five features top our list of awesome innovations in the latest version.

1: Personalise permissions

The biggest improvement we can see in Marshmallow is control over app permissions. You’ll no longer have to grant blanket permissions to apps; instead you will be able to pick and choose what data and sensors apps can access. For instance, messaging apps will only be able to access your microphone if you let them, and only when you use speech-to-text dictation. This should make people a lot more comfortable when downloading apps using Marshmallow as it keeps your confidential information secure.

2: Ban the bloat

Quite often your Android runs out of storage space and you haven’t got any idea which app is responsible for taking up a huge chunk of your memory. However, Marshmallow has introduced a feature where you can dive into the Memory menu in Settings and see exactly which app is using up most of your memory. You can then uninstall it to give you much more room to download the latest memory-sapping apps and repeat the process all over again!

3: Double battery life with Doze Mode

A headline feature of Android 6.0 is Doze Mode, which will put your device into a deep sleep whenever it is left on standby, prolonging your battery life. The device knows when it’s not being used and shuts down all functions, only waking up when it registers that it’s in use or a high priority notification comes through. Tests have shown that Doze can double the battery life of a Nexus 5 which could save you from having to recharge your phone or tablet on a daily basis.

4: Crash cache

Should your phone crash while using Android Marshmallow, you won’t lose all your app data. Even if you haven’t manually backed up your apps, you will retain some data as your phone will automatically back up 25MB of information per app. Essential information will be uploaded on a regular basis to your Google Drive account, where you can there recover it once your phone is up and running again. The days of losing everything after a crash are over, thanks to the new Android Marshmallow.

5: Multi-windows for all

Samsung users will be well used to Multi-window Mode, having had it on their Galaxy phones for a number of iterations now, but Android Marshmallow will bring the service to all Android handsets. Users will be able to view up to four windows on the same screen, so that you can watch a YouTube video while messaging your mates, or playing a game. With so many manufacturers creating 5.5- or 6-inch phablets, this could now become a very worthwhile addition to Android devices.