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5 awesome features on Google Play

These 5 killer features make the Google Play store our favourite marketplace for apps and games

Woman using Google Play store

Woman using Google Play store

These five awesome features of the Google Play store give you advanced access options and more! Find out what makes the Google Play store so great.

1 – You can access brand-new apps before everyone else

To make sure an app is ready to be unleashed on the world, many developers will put it through a public beta in the hope that users will point out any flaws that have slipped through the developer’s net. These apps are generally unlisted, but you can find them by joining a Google+ community and signing up to the beta program. The apps will be full of kinks, but you will be part of the process of removing them.

2 – You can see what your friends are enjoying

Everything seems to have a social network angle these days and the Google Play store is no different. The side menu in the Play store can be opened up to reveal a submenu entitled People. This will enable you to see apps, games and movies that people in your contacts list have rated or commented on. This should give you a much better idea of the content of apps you are thinking of downloading if people you know have reviewed them.

3 – You can buy with a single touch

One of the major developments of Android Marshmallow was the standardisation of fingerprint recognition. If you have a phone that runs Android 6.0 and also has a fingerprint scanner, you are now able to make purchases on the Play store just by using your fingerprint to prove you are the owner of the account. You can set up multiple fingerprints to let another person use this feature. This should be safer and quicker than a password.

4 – You can use its intelligent search features

Searching has become that little bit smarter in the latest update to the Play store. Typing in search terms doesn’t just bring up related apps, but also specific categories. If you type in the search term shopping, or apps such as eBay and Amazon, you will now see a coupon category high on the list. This means you can find results more in tune with the activity you are doing instantly, rather than trawling through dozens of categories.

5 – You can hide unwanted content

If you are scrolling through the Google Play store and come across something you aren’t particularly interested in and don’t want to see again, such as a gossip magazine, it is easy enough to remove this and ensure Google doesn’t offer it to you again. Tap the triple-dot menu in the corner of the app and then the option to hide it from your list. This will make the icon pale and prevent it from appearing again.


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