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4 Ways To Beat The International iPad Delay

So that's it then. Nobody outside of the United States can expect to get their hands on an iPad for at least a month and a half... maybe not.

iPadBy now you’ll probably have learned that the international launch of the iPad has been pushed back to late May. Apparently Apple wasn’t expecting such a demand for its “magical” new product, but we think this sounds more like a convenient way to extend the considerable hype that has surrounded the device since January.

So that’s it then. Nobody outside of the United States can expect to get their hands on an iPad for at least a month and a half… maybe not. There are a few ways you could grab yourself an iPad without having to wait until they hit your home country. Below we’ve gathered a few methods that could have an iPad in your hands within days if you’re lucky.

1. Check your contacts
It sounds obvious, but rack your brains for any friends or family you might have across the pond (or border depending on where you are) and send them to their local Apple Store to buy one for you. There may well still be a shortage in US stores and you’ll have to pay import tax and shipping, but the best case scenario is an iPad in around a week.

2. eBay
It seems people saw this coming. Many companies and individuals have multiple iPads purchased in the US that are selling like hot cakes on eBay. Some sellers are holding iPads locally and others will ship direct to you from the USA. Do your research on the seller before you part with any cash and look out for expensive shipping costs on top of the iPad cost. Since the announcement of an international delay, most models on eBay have jumped in price but you might be lucky and find a few around the £550-700 mark.

3. Bundle Box
The way we ordered in our iPad. Head over to, fill out the information required and let them handle the purchasing, shipping and import duty for you. The benefits here are a lack of hassle when importing and you can add other items such as accessories to your order too. Bundle Box has currently stopped taking iPad orders but will be resuming on April 21st.

4. Take a weekend break
If time and money aren’t major concerns, this fourth method will give you the complete iPad experience. Travel to the nearest US city to you and just walk into an Apple Store. Okay, this is a bit out there but look at this little equation. A cheap return flight to JFK from London costs as little as £250 GBP. The 16GB iPad costs roughly £320 GBP at the current exchange rate. That’s £570 in total and the UK price for the iPad is expected to be around £499. When you look at it like that, a trip to New York for £70 and doesn’t seem that bad. Just make sure you take your laptop with you so you can activate the iPad for the journey home.